Craftsmenship of soul, hand and mind

In our shop Risfjells Sameslöjd in Vilhelmina you will find  Lappish, Sami knifes, woodcups "kosor", jewellery, boxes, bracelets, spears, spoons, wristlets with tin thread Lappish noid (shaman) drums

Unique Lappish, Sámi items in our gallery

The biggest sami knife of the world, the unique drum made of moose antler and reindeer skin, the lappish, sami bow, a wedding crown of antler and the old noid, shaman pattern from Marsfjäll

Get close to the Lappish, Sámi culture

In our gallery Risfjells Sameslöjd you will be guided by us through our sami museum with our collection of old lappish items. We will even guide you to interesting places worth a visit in the magnifiicent district of Vilhelmina.

Risfjells Sameslöjd

RamtrummaWe want to spread the knowledge about the Lappish,Sami culture in different ways.

Risfjells Sameslöjd consists of our shop where you can buy our genuine Lappish, Sami handicraft, our gallery and museum with our own collection of old Lappish, Sami items and "visiting our home" for cultural events. In the arctic part of the world we create Lappish, Sami handicraft, weaved pictures, paintings and Lappish, Sami song jojk born under the light of the midnight sun and the northern light.

I our production you will find Lappish, Sami handicraft as Lappish, Sami knives, jewellery, wristlets with tin thread, Lappish, Sami wooden cups, the Lappish, noid, shaman drum, art

Find us in the old churchtown in Vilhelmina, Västerbottens län, South Lappland, Sweden

The perfect gift

If you would like to find a birthday gift or a gift for your company we have a lot of interesting products to offer you. You are welcome to contact us for helping you to find a gift that will fit your wishes.


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Sámi artwork

At our shop and gallery you will find traditional Lappish, Sami handicraft (Duodji) like Sami knives, jewellery, drums, Sami bracelets, reindeer skins and our textile production designed with the old noid, shaman pattern from Marsfjäll.

  • Blankets
  • Towels
  • Table cloths

Sápmi Experience

Sámi Duodji

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